Halifax Waterfront Blue Flag certified for 7th year in a row

Halifax Waterfront Blue Flag certified for 7th year in a row

A fifth have never set foot on a beach while a third have never holidayed at a United Kingdom seaside resort.

Of the 125 Seaside Awards handed out this year, 50 went to the South-west, 21 to the South-east and the East of England picked up 18.

In total, 65 beaches around the country can now proudly fly a Blue Flag - an worldwide award which means visitors can be sure they are clean and safe.

The awards scheme is run by Keep Britain Tidy and for a beach to win a blue flag, it must meet especially high standards of water quality and environmental management, education and information.

A busy Cromer beach, 20th June, 1989.

Clean beaches are vital to our summer-time economy, they draw huge numbers of visitors every year, supporting our local businesses and helping to maintain and create jobs for local people.

"And there's a good reason for that", said Kelsey Scarfone, Blue Flag program manager.

This year, nearly 150 coastal areas across Wales have received Coastal Awards, including almost 100 who have met the high standards to receive a prestigious Blue Flag. We are committed to creating a great environment on our doorstep for everyone to enjoy and offering a quality mark that shows everyone just how fantastic our beaches can be.

Only 42 beaches achieved both awards, which include Sandhaven Beach in South Shields.

Shanklin Town Council supports beach safety by working with longshoremen to provide First Aid equipment, a radio system, defibrillator and beach cleaning; as well as working with Shanklin Rotary, Sailing and Rowing Clubs on the Annual Regatta and securing a million pound investment for Shanklin Cliff Lift.

FROM today, 15 beaches in the south east of England will be able to fly a Blue Flag - an worldwide award that tells the public it's one of the best beaches in the world. "Hopefully next year we'll see an even greater number joining us as we drive up standards across the board".