Voter registration deadline is June 1

Voter registration deadline is June 1

Lumpkin County voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday, May 22, in the General Primary, non-partisan general and special election at Parks & Rec building.

Voters at a Primary Election vote by official ballot to nominate their party's candidates for federal, state, and county offices.

And, as partial repayment for those efforts, the least the rest of us could do is get our ballots in on time.

You need to bring a photo ID (such as an Idaho driver's license or a passport) to vote, or be willing to sign a personal identification affidavit.

Eligible citizens who miss the May 21 deadline can go to their county elections office or a designated satellite location to register and vote. One postcard is going to approximately 28,000 mail ballot voters whom Postal Service records show have recently moved but have not re-registered. Two of the measures southern OR will vote on include school bonds for the Medford School District and Grants Pass School District.

The secretary of state's office also said more people overall voted in OR this year than 2014, but since the state has grown and registered more voters through its motor voter registration system, the percentages were lower overall.

Votes are due no later than 8 p.m. and voters can submit their ballots to any designated drop site or local elections office.

Part of the problem here, though, is that ranked choice voting in Benton County doesn't apply to party primaries. Call Ada County Elections at 208-287-6860 or Canyon County Elections at 208-454-7562to confirm your polling place.

Vote on the primary ballot of a different political party. The other two ballots must remain unmarked and unvoted. The upcoming November 2018 elections are by far one of the most important election cycles in the history of the United States.

"We want to remind people to just find that envelope".