Men Are On Blast In the Kimmy Schmidt Season Four Trailer

Men Are On Blast In the Kimmy Schmidt Season Four Trailer

Netflix doesn't have any plans set for "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 5", and fans should use this season to say goodbye to their favorite bunker-girl and her friends.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix will not be releasing the 16-episode fifth season of the series all at once, as was originally expected.

The streamer recently released a trailer for the upcoming season, as well as "remixed" version of season four.

We certainly hope to get them before the year is up, however, because fans are going to be clamoring for more of the Bluths after this appetizer of eight episodes that will likely be devoured in less than three hours when it is released.

Regardless of when it all wraps up for good, the Arrested Development story continues with eight new episodes on May 29.

Splitting seasons in two is something of a broadcast and cable tradition nowadays. This entices viewers to binge-watch the whole series over only a few days.

This isn't an uncommon practice for Netflix comedies, or for network and cable shows either who split up their seasons all the time.

Netflix also announced that the video-streaming service has signed a new deal with Ricky Gervais, which will bring his series "After Life" to the platform later this year.

Due to some Emmys release calendar magic, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is dropping six episodes of Season 4 just in time to keep all the annual nominees eligible for 2018 consideration. With all the regulars back for Season 4, there's still plenty of room for this show to get insane, including with newcomer guest star Bobby Moynihan as one of Kimmy's new workplace challenges.

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