Musk's Boring Company Pitches 10-Minute Tunnel Ride

Musk's Boring Company Pitches 10-Minute Tunnel Ride

Closely held SpaceX is going to build its next rocket, known as BFR, at the Port of Los Angeles, an area Musk envisions people getting to using a Boring Hyperloop - if the city approves the idea.

The plan would rely on the same rocket the company is now building to take humans to Mars. The Loop would be composed of all electric pods transporting 16 passengers at a time to and from parking-spot sized stations.

Elon Musk is yet to provide a timeframe for the project. It's part of Musk's effort to get city agencies on board with the project, which is already facing some court challenges from two neighborhood organizations. Just last month, SEC documents were filed detailing that Musk's Boring Company had raised just shy of $113 million.

Musk and Davis offered assurances that the excavation operation wouldn't impact utilities and wouldn't be noticeable as it's going on.

"You won't hear us, you won't see us, you won't feel us".

There would be truck traffic between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily, however.

The nearly completed dry run is created to make sure plans actually work - if it doesn't, the city can request the tunnel is filled in with concrete or soil. While the executives were sure to distinguish the difference between the "Loop" and the Hyperloop, Musk also theorized that the two systems could eventually be seamlessly connected so riders could travel within the city and between cities with minimal friction.

It's hard to imagine everything proceeding as smoothly as Musk and Davis make it sound, and it's hard to imagine that there'd be no disruption caused by the comings and goings at hundreds of neighborhood stations with hundreds of auto elevators. He teased that they would be delivered personally via a Boring Company van. "It's the only way we can think of to address the chronic traffic issues in major cities", Musk said at the event addressing a crowd of roughly 750 people. "But obviously that can only happen with public support".

The billionaire's tunnel-digging firm, The Boring Company, is adding the finishing touches to its first ever track, ahead of its opening. And it sounds as if further outreach might need to focus on local residents rather than Musk's fans.

According to plans submitted to the L.A.'s Department of Engineering, a full, future system - called the Loop - would extend from Long Beach Airport to the San Fernando Valley along the 405 Freeway, offering short routes from Los Angeles International Airport to Dodger Stadium, and out to the beaches in Santa Monica and the South Bay.