30-year-old leaves parents' home with help from Alex Jones

30-year-old leaves parents' home with help from Alex Jones

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who defied his parents' various eviction notices, is finally moving out of the NY home.

He reportedly waved to reporters and honked his horn as he pulled out of the driveway eight years after moving back in, rent-free. The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports Rotondo called 911 on Tuesday, saying a person had called his phone from a restricted number to call him a "loser".

He told reporters on Thursday - after taking a break from packing to "run an errand" on his bike - that he will be keeping his belongings in a self-storage unit nearby until he finds new accommodation, which he hopes will be "someplace low-priced, with internet".

Instead, Mark had offered to search for specific items and if he finds them, he'll return them, Michael said.

Rotondo refused the judge's request to work things out directly with his parents, who sat quietly nearby. A judge ordered him to leave by June 1.

On Friday, Rotondo left his parents' home about 9:30 a.m. ET. The Legos were found after police arrived.

He told USA Today he's "glad to be out of this place" and said he would never talk to his parents again.

We're told when cops arrived, they asked Rotondo if any weapons were involved in his altercation with his dad and he said no. but revealed he does own a gun and showed them where he kept it. Cops offered to store it for him since he's dealing with a volatile situation and he could get it back later. but Michael chose to keep it and added it to the moving pile.

As for his future plans, he says he's looking for "someplace low-priced, with internet" to live, and that he won't speak to his parents again. After that, he planned on moving in with a distant cousin.

Rotondo said he is in the process of hauling the rest of his belongings out of his parents' Camillus, N.Y., house and into a storage unit.

"This isn't a game show", Rotondo said, explaining to the newspaper why he called police.

Calls made to Mark and Christina Rotondo's home Friday were not answered.