It shows the growing severity of the issue

It shows the growing severity of the issue

The new data comes just days after 55 year-old designer Kate Spade reportedly hanged herself in her New York City apartment. It was a shock to her fans and renewed discussions about mental health awareness.

Moffett leaves Omaha for Washington, D.C. This weekend to lobby lawmakers in the name of family and suicide prevention. The other two top 10 causes of death that are on the rise are Alzheimer's disease and drug overdoses, she noted. She told reporters, "We did see increases in younger and older people". The increase was higher for white males than any other race or gender group, however.

"Too many Kansans are lost to suicide each year", KDADS Secretary Tim Keck said. Almost 45,000 lives were lost to suicide in 2016.

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or thinking about suicide, talk to someone who can help, such as a trusted loved one, your doctor, your licensed mental health professional if you already have one, or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. The rate in the new CDC data was 15.4 per 100,000. Rates have risen steadily in most age and ethnic groups, even as rates of psychiatric treatment and diagnosis have also greatly increased. North Dakota saw the biggest increase as rates jumped 57.6 percent.

While the CDC report notes that guns are the most common method for these suicides - accounting for about half of all cases - it fails to underscore the extent to which these alarming rates may be attributable to the country's utter saturation with civilian firearms.

He points out, for example, that the nation now has no federally funded suicide prevention program for adults.

Shuchat says, "We do see increases in suicides associated with economic downturns and it can take a long time for the recovery to kick in". The report also called for greater promotion of the national suicide prevention hotline across the state, especially in rural areas.

The CDC "Vital Signs" report said that more than half of people who commit suicide do not have a diagnosed mental health condition.

"Suicide is a leading cause of death for Americans - and it's a tragedy for families and communities across the country", said the CDC principal deputy director, Dr. Anne Schuchat, in a written statement.

"The data supports what we know about that notion", Gordon said.

Still, Schuchat stressed that better recognition of mental health conditions and improved access to mental health care remain important in preventing suicides. "We don't think we can just leave this to the mental health system to manage".

The CDC report recommends increased cooperation and communication between government and the private sector. "A lot of them say it's glorified and not accurate at all", Brown said. That continues a trend that began after 2010 when the number of suicides was 606.

At least one mother has blamed the series for her own daughter's suicide attempt.

Dr Ali stresses that the primary goal should be to "empower" people to recognize the signs of suicide risk in themselves and others in order to put a stop to the rising rates of suicide in the US. No one cares about me. "It's really realizing that is' worth that fight, because it really is a fight", Bushamn said. "If someone mentions those sorts of things, dig a little bit deeper". Experts say to ask them about it and stay with them.