Origin Access Premier provides PC access to new release EA games

Origin Access Premier provides PC access to new release EA games

Pricing for Origin Access Premier is $14.99 per month, or $99.99 for a full year.

Origin Access Premier will kick off its service with some heavy-hitters, starting with Madden NFL 19 (the first time in over a decade a Madden title has been on PC), then Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, and Battlefield 5. Mainly the technology that allows them to stream their games, which led mainly to believe that EA was working on their own cloud-based gaming.

Those curious can access a seven-day free trial of the basic Origin subscription model.

If you're interested in pre-registration for Origin Access Premier, check out the page on origin.com.

It all sounds very similar to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, which offers access to many of that consoles' titles for $9.99/month. In Origin Access Premier, this does not apply.

For fiscal year 2018, EA reported GAAP net revenue of $5.2 billion and more than 300 million registered players around the world.

EA has announced its new subscription service called Origin Access Premier. This is good news for excited fans who can't wait any longer, but we'll be interested to see how it affects communities of games like Battlefield V where player progression is generally tied to available loadouts. Aside from detailing the service, EA announced how much it would cost. It also gives a 10 percent discount on any purchase from Origin. No more of that 10-hour trial nonsense. As a Premium subscriber, you are able to access all of the benefits of the basic Origin package. Dive into the action starting February 15, 2019 for Origin Access Premier members. They want more depth in their favorite games, and fresh content that can hold their attention year-round.