Trump's struggle to manage expectations as he meets with Kim Jong Un

Trump's struggle to manage expectations as he meets with Kim Jong Un

"Sending Kim Yong-chol to NY may serve to cut out a layer of middlemen - to get urgent clarifications and/or send a relatively unfiltered message to Washington that they are going to have to modify their approach if this is going to happen", Mr Pollack said.

The remark indicates considerable expectations in North Korea for a successful summit, while some skeptics do not rule out the possibility that the North may eventually label any summit results a success.

The comment was reminiscent of the height of brinkmanship in August, when fears of an armed clash soared amid Mr. Trump's warning that North Korea could face "fire and fury like the world has never seen".

Pompeo travelled twice to Pyongyang in recent months to lay the groundwork for Trump's meeting, becoming the most senior member of Trump's team to spend time with Kim face to face.

Trump and Kim may well end up branding tomorrow's summit a success.

Mr Trump and Mr Kim are holding their summit at the five-star Capella Hotel on the resort island of Sentosa.

On June 1 he was greeted by US President Donald Trump at the White House, where a brief encounter meant for the hand delivery of a personal letter from Kim Jong-un became a longer discussion of areas of disagreement between the two countries.

The cover of this week's edition of The Economis. Trump left the summit early, and as he flew to Singapore, he tweeted that he was yanking the US out of the group's traditional closing statement. Trump had previously said the talks might extend beyond the first day.

North Korea, it concludes, can only "actively contribute to world peace and human wellbeing", by engaging with other nations.

Singapore is reportedly footing the bill for the summit-which will run close to $20 million-and will pay for North Korea's travel expenses. Trump had earlier tweeted about the "excitement in the air!"

Kim is hoping Trump will relieve the economic sanctions that have crippled the North Korean economy. But there are major doubts, given how hard it has been for Kim to build his program and that the weapons are seen as the major guarantee to his holding onto unchecked power.

Mr Kim's itinerary was reported in detail, which is a rarity for the state's media, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. "Or we could have a failed summit that really takes us in the other direction".

As many foreign policy experts, religious leaders, and human rights advocates have pointed out, denuclearizing the Korean peninsula is a critical security goal.

Trump, after the first-ever meeting between US and North Korean leaders, had been scheduled to fly back to Washington on Wednesday morning after spending Tuesday with Kim in Singapore.

Trump also called the leaders of South Korea and Japan in advance of the summit, Pompeo said.

Deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah said in early May that North Korea had agreed not to criticize upcoming joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. In March, Mr Trump shocked the world by accepting an invitation from Mr Kim to meet in person. Despite all the analyses and speculation around the summit in Singapore, one can only guess the outcome of the historic event, given the unpredictability of the two leaders. The issue has prevented the two countries from establishing diplomatic ties.