Republican senator suggests Pruitt's number 2 lead EPA

Republican senator suggests Pruitt's number 2 lead EPA

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt enlisted a top aide to help his wife find a job previous year, the Washington Post reports, a potential violation of federal ethics rules that prohibit public officials from using their office for private gain.

"It's important to hear directly from the community that EPA regulates, and today we heard from farmers and utility workers about the impact of the Agency's work", Pruitt said in a statement.

News organizations have unearthed evidence of Pruitt enlisting aides on multiple occasions to try to help line up work for his wife. The tweet, which came as Pruitt faces sustained negative media coverage over accusations of ethics lapses and wasteful spending and the EPA's aggressive posture toward the press, linked to a report that said Pruitt had his aide contact Republican donors to find his wife a job.

Other recently disclosed examples of Pruitt seeking special treatment include his repeated use of first-class air travel, luxury hotel suits and directing his security staff to use lights and sirens to speed through Washington traffic to dinner reservations.

"Scott Pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of the EPA". Numerous farmers who spoke to Pruitt said that they felt the waiver increase was hurting their farms and their income.

Leo is a prominent Pruitt backer and longtime friend who was involved in arrangements for the administrator's visit to Italy past year.

'Gotta go': Laura Ingraham urges Trump to fire Pruitt
EPA chief Scott Pruitt tapped aide, donors to help wife

Inhofe - who said he's a longtime friend of Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general - said on the Ingraham's program that he agreed with her criticism of Pruitt "100 percent".

"For one thing the president could fire him which is what would have happened in any past administration or Congress could put some effort into conducting any kind of oversight at all".

"I've said there are a lot of things that he has done - I know him very well - some are not characteristic of him at all", Inhofe said.

If Pruitt left, his immediate replacement could be Andrew Wheeler, now serving in the No. 2 spot at the EPA after years of lobbying on behalf of coal producer Murray Energy Corp. and other energy companies. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, to call for them.

In the interview, Ingraham said she was already at her breaking point with Pruitt and argued his "bad judgment" was hurting Trump and conflicting with the President's "drain the swamp" message.