Majority say 'too early to tell' if North Korea summit a success

Majority say 'too early to tell' if North Korea summit a success

During a recent interview with Fox News host Bret Baier, Baier reminded Donald Trump that Kim Jong-un has absolutely murdered countless North Koreans.

Trump also said he would like Americans to "sit up at attention" when he speaks like North Koreans do for Kim.

President Donald Trump said Friday that he wants "my people" to "sit up at attention" the way North Koreans do for dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump later said he was kidding and that reporters "don't understand sarcasm".

The statement echoes remarks Trump gave during an interview shortly after the summit concluded, where he commended the "great fervor" Kim strikes among North Koreans.

"Not serious impact.His (Kim Jong Un) power, his status as a leader started from 2011 but several years later he started why I think he has [the] confidence to control all the politicians", he said.

Kim has managed to build upon the work of his father and grandfather and secured the highest form of recognition that there is - a bilateral meeting with the president of the most powerful country on the planet.

Chuck Schumer in a tweet on Sunday for downplaying the significance of his summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, proclaiming he's stopped the "rockets flying all over the place".

"Military - I call them 'war games, '" Mr. Trump said. During a Tuesday interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Trump said Kim's "got a very good personality, he's amusing, and he's very, very smart".

Pressed on that record, Trump demurred. It's great. And it's going to be great for them too. Last year, it tested long-range missiles that could reach the US mainland, although it's not certain that the North has mastered the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead that could re-enter the atmosphere and hit its target. Human Rights Watch has dubbed North Korea one of the "most repressive authoritarian states in the world".

Trump was responding to criticism that he gave Kim the propaganda win of a summit without getting more concessions on denuclearization, and didn't lock in a plan to get there. I can only speak to the fact that we signed an incredible agreement. If we did, millions of people would have been killed, ' Trump said. "Now there are prospects of resolving the problems by peaceful political and diplomatic means", he said.

"During our conversation, I emphasized the tremendous new prosperity, security, and opportunity that awaits North Korea when they denuclearise". He joked that even the administration-friendly Fox News was not as lavish in its praise as the state TV anchor, one of the people added, and that maybe she should get a job on US television, instead.