Backstage News On When Big Cass Was Told About His WWE Release

Backstage News On When Big Cass Was Told About His WWE Release

But, given two very well-done ladder matches, a cataclysmic brawl for the WWE Championship and a number of surprises sprinkled throughout the night, Money in the Bank stood on its own as a successful pay-per-view.

While Alvarez stressed that this was "pure speculation", he pointed out the fact WWE's standard statement announcing Cass' release did not come with the usual well wishes in one's future endeavors, hinting at an acrimonious departure for the 30-year-old wrestler.

Insiders speaking to SI report that Cass spent the majority of WWE's European tour in April drinking, from which numerous attitude problems were said to arise. When he was shot down by the producers backstage, he took the issue to Vince McMahon who also told him no. Big Cass has had a solid singles run as of late, but is best known for his tag team work with Enzo Amore. Overall, this was a much better match (with a much better ending with Cass taking more than a few seconds to tap to the Heel Hook) than their first bout at Backlash back in May. Later while in a feud where he and Amore were breaking up, Big Cass injured his ACL which kept him out of the ring for months until recently.

The original idea was for Cass to hit a big boot to the person and stand tall but he wanted and eventually did a spot where he hit the big boot then connected with several punches.

Big Cass was moved to SmackDown Live during the 2018 Superstar Shakeup after WrestleMania 34 and was cleared to return to the ring on the same day as Daniel Bryan.