Trump blasts Germany while making case for US….

Trump blasts Germany while making case for US….

In Munich, Seehofer said his party would be happy to see European or bilateral solutions this month that "achieve the same that we can achieve by turning people back at the border".

Merkel told reporters she was still convinced that Europe needed to work together to combat the causes of the refugee flow by helping improve conditions in the countries of origin while at the same time increasing security at Europe's outer borders and cracking down on smugglers.

In this Wednesday, June 13, 2018 photo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, talks to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, left, prior to the weekly cabinet meeting at the chancellery in Berlin.

According to Reuter, the spokesman denied a report in Bild newspaper that Merkel was trying to arrange a special summit on migrant policy, saying such a meeting would be a matter for European Union institutions.

At a regular meeting of their joint Cabinets on Tuesday, Germany will seek the support of French President Emmanuel Macron to find a common European Union response for managing an influx of refugees, Merkel said Saturday in a weekly podcast.

If Merkel is given a two-week ultimatum, she would still have the Herculean challenge of persuading European Union governments to sign up to a common plan on the migrants. The CSU is determined to show that it's tough on migration, arguing that this is the best way to cut support for the far-right Alternative for Germany ahead of a challenging state election in Bavaria in October. She said her party will consider the results on July 1 "and decide how to proceed in light of what has been achieved". Merkel said she will have to discuss "what is important for others; I can't say today what that is". Her demise would likely further bolster authoritarian governments in eastern Europe, undermine the new Spanish government's humanitarian stance on migration and put at risk Macron's plans for euro-area reform.

"We're hoping to obtain a maximum of agreements on Tuesday, and in late June", a source in the French presidency told AFP.

Merkel said the common tax system would also help both countries shore up their competitiveness in the face of a potential trade war unleashed by US President Donald Trump.

He said he would go ahead with preparations to block some asylum-seekers at the border.

But Merkel is firmly opposed, warning that it would leave countries at the EU's geographic southern periphery alone to deal with the migrant influx.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who this month refused entry for a boat with 600 refugees, on Saturday said on his Facebook page the country won't permit two ships allegedly carrying migrants and asylum seekers from Libya to reach its shores.

If Seehofer were to defy her and go ahead with his plans on Monday, Merkel would nearly certainly be forced to fire him.

If he actually does so unilaterally in defiance of the chancellor, many observers believe Merkel would likely have to fire him - which in turn could effectively end her current governing coalition and the conservative parties' decades-old alliance in national politics.

More than one and a half million refugees have arrived in Germany since 2014, which has been a logistical and political challenge that AFD has been able to exploit.