Yoga acts as a bridge between India and China: Bambawale

Yoga acts as a bridge between India and China: Bambawale

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today performed yoga with over 50,000 enthusiasts at the Forest Research Institute (FRI) campus here, and said the ancient Indian discipline has emerged as a "powerful unifying force" in a strife-torn world.

The message of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on the occasion of International Day of Yoga was also screened. Several union ministers are expected to join in similar events across the country.

In Hunan province of south China, yoga practitioners perform asanas in picturesque village of Loutian in Daoxian county. He said Yoga not only helps keep the body free of diseases, but also strengthens the mind and intellect. "Yoga has become one of the biggest mass movements in the quest for good health and wellbeing", the prime minister said.

#07:05 AM: Yoga India's gift to the world, says Modi: "Yoga is India's gift to the world. Yoga is not just about exercise; it is a way to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature".

Applications for the same are being invited from the Yoga professionals from every nook and corner of the world in order to provide them with the finest experience of Yoga from the state of Yoga's birthplace who will also be a part of the Yoga drill which will be conducted on IDY 2018.

#07:10 AM: Yoga India's top ambassador: "Yoga is handsome because it is ancient yet modern, it is constant yet evolving".

Modi is keen on portraying his physical prowess, last week posting on Twitter his morning yoga routine involving plodding around a tree and flexing over a boulder.

International Yoga Day 2018 will be held on Thursday, June 21.

This date has been selected by PM Modi as in the northern hemisphere and it also marks the day on which Lord Shiva began to impart Yoga for his followers and thus became their first Guru. "However, after practicing some postures at International Yoga Day at the Indian school, I feel relaxed and am able to speak more freely".

Yoga has boomed in recent decades, with millions doing it regularly, although in the West it is often more of a gymnastic than a spiritual activity.