Darwin Project Now Free-To-Play On Xbox One

Darwin Project Now Free-To-Play On Xbox One

Hate waiting for games to download?

Microsoft and Nintendo recently worked together in the new Minecraft: Better Together update trailer, but Sony has notoriously been missing from these promotions since it doesn't prefer to be included in the cross-play festivities. Groups allows you to more easily "create collections" of your games and apps that can be synced across consoles (since they are tied to your Xbox Live account).

First off, FastStart has been enabled in the English-language versions of some Xbox Game Pass titles. FastStart-enabled games prioritize the most important parts of the game first, saving the rest of the data to download in the background while you're playing the first few minutes of the game.

The information comes directly from Microsoft (via Polygon) and applies to select Xbox One games. There's also a mechanic that allows you to track other players in order to hunt them down and take them out.

You can now group your games and apps and the search has been improved and you can press Y anywhere on the dashboard to bring up the search dialog.

With the July Update, Microsoft is making it easier to search on your Xbox.

Meanwhile, the integration of stream-based gameplay - in which Twitch participants can activate certain environmental hazards and events during matches - is a novelty that's yet to show its true potential, but hopefully this transition to Xbox One can start to fix that complaint. They've updated the Mixer Share controller option on the web, added multi-touch support for Mixer Share on touch devices, and added a channel leaderboard for viewers who've contributed to a channel during Share Controller sessions.

Mixer streamers can now go full screen with their webcam while broadcasting. When you switch to this mode, game audio is muted automatically.