George Clooney injured in vehicle accident, reports

George Clooney injured in vehicle accident, reports

The newspaper tweeted a photo apparently from the scene, showing a lightly smashed up motorbike and auto, with a caption suggesting the vehicle had been turning and Clooney had made contact with its windscreen.

George Clooney was taken to hospital in Sardinia after being involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle, hospital officials have said.

Amal, 40, and George, along with their one-year-old twins, are now living in Sardinia for the summer, where he is filming his new TV series, Catch 22.

Italian newspaper La Nuova Sardegna tweeted a photo of the purported accident site.

The John Paul II hospital in Olbia said the actor was released on Tuesday.

Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News. He is now in Italy filming Catch-22, a mini-series that he is producing, starring in, and directing.

The Hulu mini-series is based on Joseph Heller's novel about a US Air Force bombardier who aims to fly sufficient missions to go back home and leave World War II behind.

Even earlier in June, Clooney was seen zipping around the island on a scooter with Amal, 40, hugging him tightly.

Italy is an important place for Amal and George.