Looting follows protests in Haitian capital

Looting follows protests in Haitian capital

The alert also warned that there was limited availability of food and beverages at the airport. The increase was rolled back Saturday, in response to the public outcry, but civil unrest continued into Sunday, and there were reports of the Haitian police securing the safety of American citizens.

At least three people were killed in protests on Friday and police say the bodies of four people were found Sunday in the streets of the Delmas district, though they didn't say if that is related to the protests.

120 United States citizens are trapped along with 100 natives at the Oasis Hotel which protesters tried to set fire to earlier on Saturday.

There have been no reports of injuries to US citizens. The security guard got out of the vehicle and fired a gun in the air to disperse protesters.

Just before the suspension was announced, the leader of Haiti's lower house of parliament had threatened a government takeover if the fuel price increases were not reversed.

A masked protester walks past a barricade in the middle of the street during a protest over the cost of fuel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Saturday, July 7, 2018. On Saturday, Moise urged protesters to "go home". And so here in our small village we didn't expect that, but there has been some rioting.

Many have been canceled because of the unrest which has given way to looting and violent clashes.

JetBlue Airways Corp also canceled its flights to Haiti on Sunday.

"It's the reality of the country: when we live in Haiti we are angry, frustrated with the way things are managed by politicians".

"We understand your right to protest", said Michel-Ange Gedeon. Most adopted a wait-and-see attitude, and anticipated more trouble.

Government officials agreed to reduce subsidies for fuel in February as part of an assistance package with the International Monetary Fund.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

On Friday, Haiti's commerce and economy ministries announced that fuel price increases - including a 38 percent jump for gasoline, 47 percent for diesel and 51 percent for kerosene - would take effect at midnight, triggering violent protests.

"The Haitian population is one of the most exposed in the world to natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods and earthquakes", according to The World Bank.

This situation strikes me personally because my church's youth ministry just had a mission trip to Haiti, and by God's grace they returned in time to escape this disgusting situation.