Trump Nominates Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Trump Nominates Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Trump chose the 53-year-old federal appellate judge for the seat opened up by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Kavanaugh is one of two dozen jurists Trump listed as potential Supreme Court nominees during the 2016 campaign, a list that generated significant enthusiasm among social conservatives who have long sought to overturn abortion rights in America, among other causes.

While experts are dubious the new challenges have standing, in no small part because Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal members of the court in 2012 to uphold the law, Democratic senators have hinted healthcare will be a core piece of their opposition to Kavanaugh's nomination.

The official says Trump decided on Kavanaugh because of his large body of jurisprudence cited by other courts, describing him as a judge that other judges read.

Trump praised his record when he nominated him: 'Judge Kavanaugh has impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law'.

"The Republicans have enough senators for a confirmation, and the Republican senators have not signaled any real appetite to say no", he said, adding that even if Kavanaugh were blocked, it's unlikely Trump's next pick would be any more palatable to Democrats. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a Democrat whose vote on Kavanaugh could be pivotal on the Senate floor.

On the flashpoint issue of abortion, as a judge, Kavanaugh ruled against an immigrant teenager seeking an abortion while in federal detention. We've got some due diligence that we've got to do. If confirmed, he would nearly certainly continue the Supreme Court's run of business-friendly rulings in contentious, precedent-setting cases that have weakened labor unions and class-action lawsuits in recent years.

"I will oppose him with everything I've got", Schumer (D-N.Y.) said.

As how Kavanaugh would rule on the highest court, perhaps the most encouraging evidence comes from a speech he delivered a year ago to the American Enterprise Institute on the legal philosophy of the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, whom he called "my first judicial hero". Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader Sen.

"While the President's selection of a conservative candidate is not a surprise, it exemplifies the direction of this administration to further divide, rather than unite, our county", said Ann Toback, its executive director.

"Throughout legal circles, he is considered a judge's judge, a true thought leader among his peers", Trump said of Kavanaugh. Trump's advisers and boosters made clear in the days following Kennedy's announcement that his replacement would be more in the vein of Trump's first SCOTUS pick, Gorsuch: an originalist, textualist, and all-around judicial conservative. He helped draft the Starr Report, which called for President Bill Clinton to be impeached because he lied about having had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., a longtime member of the Judiciary Committee.

Jones' position could be critical to Kavanaugh's confirmation as the Republicans hold only a 51-49 advantage in the Senate.

"As a fair legal mind, defender of the Constitution, and a judge on the D.C. Circuit, Brett Kavanaugh is prepared for a seat on the Supreme Court", Byrne posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The centrist Anti-Defamation League was also wary of Trump's nominee.

WASHINGTON ― In 2005, a group of workers at a meatpacking plant in Brooklyn voted to join a union. "He's clearly qualified for the job", said the Maine Republican. You're right that Republicans control majorities of government at virtually every level right now: statehouses, governor's mansions, congress, the White House, and they could soon firm up the Supreme Court to a 5-4 conservative lean.