Dele Alli: looking for more against Croatia

Dele Alli: looking for more against Croatia

Jan Vertonghen has backed the Tottenham Hotspur contingent in England's squad to fire them past Croatia and into the World Cup final.

"You want to be the best person as well as being a good player", added Alli. He has been as electric of a player as you'll find in this World Cup, having scored two goals in this tournament.

I begged my parents to let me stay up late to watch the quarter-final, only for Maradona's cheating/genius to scotch England's chances. We gave everything we have got.

A Reading Buses spokesman said: "We believe". He also compensated for the times when right back Benjamin Pavard was caught out of position, particularly by Hazard, when Belgium dominated the opening 20 minutes.

"And we have to be like that, I think, if we are going to get in the final, so we'll have to perform well and play well."
As President Emmanuel Macron sprang in the air to celebrate his nation's victory, the Belgian royals King Philippe and Queen Mathilde appeared glum in their seats beside him (pictured, centre).

England's journey to the World Cup semi-finals has captured the imagination of the whole country - not least in Milton Keynes where children are dreaming of becoming the next Dele Alli.

"He can be risky for us but we are going to try and stop him from playing". "The final will be very hard".

I had memories (mainly of the sticker album and song, rather than the matches) of Spain '82, but Mexico '86 was the first World Cup I'd really embraced.

"Football is handsome because we can make our supporters and all of the French people feel emotions", the captain said. We then settled better than them and I thought for the rest of the game, we were the better side and had chances.

Elite foreign divers and Thai Navy SEALs extracted the final batch of four boys, plus the 25-year-old coach, via a treacherous escape route that required them to squeeze through narrow, water-filled tunnels in darkness.