England got carried away with talk of the final, insists Roy Keane

England got carried away with talk of the final, insists Roy Keane

Roy Keane and Ian Wright were embroiled in a bitter row live on ITV last night following England's devastating World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia.

He made a very valid point in the fact that England fans were well entitled to be excited, but perhaps got a little bit ahead of themselves by "planning the final and parades". On about the final, football's coming home...'

Apparently, the former Labour leader was also upset and took to Twitter to blast the reaction of Roy Keane in the ITV studio.

"You've never been to a World Cup finals".

Another viewer simply said "Roy Keane is more orange than my orange" while holding the fruit next to his TV.

Following England's heartbreaking loss to Croatia after extra time in the semi-finals of the epic footballing tournament that has been Russian Federation 2018, the pair got into a right old ding-dong in the TV studio. And I was right.

Alongside Gary Neville, Ian Wright and Lee Dixon, Keane went to town on an England team in danger of spurning their best chance of reaching a World Cup final in a few generations (of players, at least): 'It's back to the old England'. "You need a reality check", the former Manchester United captain told his ex-Arsenal rival.

However, he was interrupted by Wright, who insisted: "We wasn't talking about the final, we were just having a laugh with ya".

The Ireland assistant manager said: "We've talked about how comfortable England are playing out from the back and while Stones is comfortable on the ball you still have the act of defending - players can smell danger".

Keane responded saying England should have taken the tournament "one day at a time".

"If they show enough courage, they'll win the game but they've been in this position before and messed things up so let's see", said the Cork man.

Some suggested that, given Keane's own history at World Cups, he perhaps was not the best person to pass judgment.