First Visuals Of Thai Boys In Hospital After Being Rescued From Cave

First Visuals Of Thai Boys In Hospital After Being Rescued From Cave

"Everyone is strong in mind and heart", he said Tuesday at a news conference of officials involved in the high-risk rescue effort.

Four Thai Navy Seals are seen after leaving the cave safe during the rescue mission, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand July 10, 2018 in this photo obtained from social media.

The boys lost on average 2kg during their ordeal but are said to be in good physical condition.

The complex, three-day rescue saw four boys emerge on Sunday, four on Monday, and the final four boys plus their coach on Tuesday.

Even so, all need to be monitored in the hospital for seven days and then rest at home for another 30 days, he said.

Thai authorities on Wednesday also released the first footage of several boys from a football team recovering in hospital after they were rescued from a flooded cave.

The saga started on June 23 when the players walked into the Tham Luang cave complex after football practice and were trapped when monsoon flooding blocked their exit.

The hospital treating 12 Thai school children rescued from a flooded cave has released the first video showing the boys since they were saved.

The group remains in quarantine in Chiang Rai hospital, where one of the last batch of people to leave the cave has "minor pneumonia", he said. Among them were the last three Thai Navy Seals and Australian doctor Richard Harris, who had spent much of the past week keeping vigil with the trapped boys, the Guardian said.

"I haven't asked the coach yet why he chose that order", he said.

The decision, a response to the global outpouring of love and support during the hard operation to rescue the boys, draws attention to the large numbers of stateless people living in Thailand, especially in its border regions.

Initial attempts to locate the boys were twice unsuccessful because the force of cold hypothermia-inducing floodwaters rushing into narrow passages made them impassable.

Thailand spent yesterday celebrating the successful mission. "You can't blame the coach and you can't blame the kids", Thongchai said.

"We just did what we could", he said yesterday.

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They were found dishevelled and emaciated but alive on a muddy ledge 4km inside the cave nine days after they went missing.

The boys were reportedly sedated though there have been conflicting reports about the kind of medicine they received, with some saying they got anti-anxiety medication to keep them calm while Peeranarong said some of them had been fully sedated.