Paul Manafort treated like a 'VIP' in prison, court documents show

Paul Manafort treated like a 'VIP' in prison, court documents show

He has scheduled a hearing on both issues for Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Special counsel prosecutors filed a brief Wednesday opposing former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's motion to continue his trial, and their filing revealed quite a bit about the conditions of his detention.

In earlier court filings, Mr. Manafort's attorney said the distance of Northern Neck jail - two hours from Washington, D.C. - has made it hard to adequately prepare for trial.

Manafort also appears to have found a workaround to the restriction on electronic communication by reading and composing emails on a second laptop that is carried in and out of the cell by his legal team, the prosecutors said.

In a separate footnote, prosecutors noted that Manafort has several "VIP" privileges at the prison he's in, including a large, private unit, his own bathroom and shower, his own phone, a personal laptop, and his own workspace to prep for trial.

The jail superintendent at Northern Neck said in June that despite Manafort being held in the self-contained unit, he is not receiving special treatment.

Prosecutors also note that Manafort knew his refusal to let the Virginia bank and tax fraud charges be combined with the D.C. case would likely lead to this schedule.

Manafort asked to delay the trial in Alexandria, Virginia, until after he's been tried in Washington where he's accused of failing to register in the an agent of Ukraine and of laundering millions of dollars.

"It is incorrect that Manafort has 'very limited access to his attorneys and the records", prosecutor Andrew Weissmann argued, pointing out that Manafort said on the phone, "I've gone through all the discovery now".

Prosecutors filed a motion Wednesday opposing a continuance requested by Manafort's attorneys, one day after defense lawyers unexpectedly asked the court to keep their client at the Virginia jail where he's now being held, reported NPR. His lawyers had cited concerns about his safety in trying to block the transfer, but U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III didn't buy it. "Visitor logs from the prison indicate that each week Manafort has had multiple visits with his legal team".

Manafort was remanded to a jail in Warsaw, Virginia about 100 miles from Washington following Mueller's allegations that he was tampering with witnesses.

In a recent phone call they say he explained in vague terms why he wanted to go to trial first in D.C. federal court, where he faces related charges in a trial set for September.