Trump stokes Britain's Brexit turmoil at start of visit

Trump stokes Britain's Brexit turmoil at start of visit

With a rubber mask and some scrappy banners, a dozen protesters at Turnberry in Ayrshire staged Britain's first demonstration against the visit of President Trump yesterday.

After arriving at Bleneim Palace, Trump was met by the prime minister and her husband, Philip.

"I'd like to see them be able to work it out so it could go quickly", he said.

The president and his wife will attend a dinner, hosted by Mrs May, at Blenheim Palace - the ancestral home of former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill - in the evening.

"We just hope enough people can see the video and can sing a bit of it - that would be lovely".

Trump is due to leave Britain on Sunday for talks in Helsinki the following day with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose government stands accused by May's of unleashing a lethal nerve agent in the city of Salisbury.

However, despite the welcome from May, many Britons remain deeply opposed to Trump's visit.

"Maybe they're taking a little bit of a different route [on Brexit], so I don't know if that's what they voted for", he told a press conference after the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

Organizers have been given permission to float a giant balloon depicting Mr. Trump as a baby and they've already declared victory by noting that the President is largely avoiding London during his visit.

Unlike visits from previous presidents, he won't be spending much time in London after his arrival.

A number of protests have been organized across the country to coincide with the president's visit.

"However, let's not throw Trump Baby out with the bathwater - he'd be a welcome sight at any of the many protests happening across Scotland over the course of the visit".

The trip includes meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May, who has described the United States as Britain's strongest ally, and is determined to secure a trade deal after the country acts on Brexit and leaves the European Union in March 2019.

He then said that he "at least partially won an election" based on his immigration views, adding that European countries are equally concerned about the issue.

"I think that [the British] people like me a lot and agree with me on immigration".

"U.K. and USA special forces will be involved in a demonstration which will involve a counter-terrorism scenario and an outdoor capabilities demonstration showing equipment that the [British] special forces use when they conduct joint operations with their US counterparts", the Downing Street spokeswoman added.

On Friday, demonstrators are expected to gather near Chequers, the Prime Minister " s country residence, where Prime Minister May and President Trump will hold a working lunch.

He's one of the most divisive presidents in United States history.

The biggest protest will take place in central London on Friday when thousands are expected to take to the streets to join the "Stop Trump" march.

She stressed that the U.S. and United Kingdom are "not just the closest of allies, but the dearest of friends".

Mr Trump will meet the Queen at Windsor later today and will spend the weekend at one of his golf resorts in Scotland.