Trump's United Kingdom visit and protests

Trump's United Kingdom visit and protests

The diaper-clad infant is scheduled to soar over the Houses of Parliament.


European activists are flying a almost 20-foot balloon depicting President Donald Trump as a baby over London on Friday as the president visits Britain.

The four-day trip is not a state visit, which entails a level of pomp and circumstance, including an open-top carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth II and a lavish dinner at Buckingham Palace, that Trump would no doubt enjoy.

Organisers said they will transport the balloon to Scotland overnight, and will now fly it elsewhere on Saturday.

Thousands of protesters marched in London on Friday against Donald Trump's visit to Britain, in what was shaping up to be one of the largest demonstrations seen anywhere outside the US against the sitting president.

In a newspaper interview on Thursday, Trump revealed the blimp plan had hurt his feelings.

In the incendiary interview, with the Sun newspaper, the U.S. leader criticised Mrs May's handling of Brexit negotiations, hailed Boris Johnson - who quit the cabinet earlier this week - as a future and "great Prime Minister" and said there was too much immigration in Europe.

"Unfortunately, there was a story that was done which was generally fine but it didn't put in what I said about the prime minister and I said a tremendous thing", he said.

Trump is meeting May for a working lunch before meeting the Queen for tea and a likely round at his Scottish golf course.

In the Sun story, Trump also criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor who's been highly critical of Trump's immigration policies.

Last year, activists began circulating a petition to block a state visit from Trump that eventually made its way to the floor of Parliament.

The blimp is part of a series of protests across the United Kingdom organized by the Stop Trump Coalition, which describes itself as a "coalition of organizations and individuals joined forces to protest against Donald Trump's planned visit to the UK".

"The U.S. has always stood by our side as a beacon for tolerance, openness and respect". This protest is not anti-American - far from it.

Distorting a message from Mr. Khan, telling Londoners there was "no reason to be alarmed" by an increased police presence, Mr. Trump tweeted: "At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is 'no reason to be alarmed!'" "It also means speaking out when we think the values we hold dear are under threat". Police worked overtime, their days off canceled.

Trump's comments blaming immigration for crime in England were "preposterous", he said.

In an interview with The Sun, Trump said May's long-awaited blueprint for Brexit, published this week, would "probably kill" any future trade deal between the USA and U.K. He also said May's arch-rival Boris Johnson-who resigned as foreign secretary on Monday in protest at the blueprint-would "make a great prime minister".

Permission was granted by Khan and on the morning of the 13 July, Baby Trump went up in the air to hover over London.

He said: "We have enough difficulty with the European Union".

Trump has long spoken of his desire to meet the monarch, but for this queen, such encounters with USA presidents are old hat, having met 10 American leaders since her coronation in 1952. She wants to offer him a warm welcome besides.

Mr Khan continued to refuse to rise to Trump's taunts after the US President attacked him again on his visit to the UK.

In an interview with The Sun, Trump said May had ignored his advice on Britain's departure from the European Union.

But the sheer showmanship of the Trump baby has captured the public imagination.

Trump fans have criticised Mr Khan over the balloon, and even suggested flying one of their own depicting the mayor. Organisers raised 18,000 British pounds (almost $24,000) from crowdfunding.

"Donald Trump is a big, angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands", the group's crowdfunding page said.

"He doesn't seem to be affected by the moral outrage that comes from his behaviour and his policies".