Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump to address reporters in Helsinki

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump to address reporters in Helsinki

"As he said in his interview with The Sun, she is a very good person and he never said anything bad about her", Sanders said.

Without making it explicit what he had told Mrs May, Mr Trump said: "I did give her a suggestion".

Trump: "Yesterday I let them know that I was extremely unhappy at what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment".

Sources told NBC that Trump's insistence on more spending was accompanied with a threat that the US would "do our own thing" if his demands were not met.

In an explosive start to his trip, Mr Trump warned a lucrative trade deal was unlikely to go ahead if the United Kingdom maintained a strong relationship with the EU. The new communique says 24 allies will meet the 20% guideline by 2024.

But by Thursday, leaders from France, Germany and Italy offered no support for Trump's claim that he had wrung new concessions out of the alliance on their military spending.

Donald Trump is "applying political pressure" over Nord Stream 2, a planned gas link from Russian Federation to Germany which is opposed by the USA government, a senior Polish official said on Friday. "That turning point has always been initiated".

Trump has since walked back his claim that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is obsolete, and in his press conference at the end of the Brussels summit, praised allies for increasing spending, albeit taking the credit for pushing them to do it. Trump will now visit the United Kingdom before travelling to Finland where he will hold a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That optimism was echoed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who noted that leaders had agreed to a range of initiatives that would make the alliance stronger and better able to quickly respond to new and existing threats such as Russian Federation and terrorism.

Earlier this week at a press conference in Brussels, Trump took a fatalistic attitude about what might happen when he raises the topic.

Asked if he could accept Russia's annexation with Crimea and still get along with Putin, he said, 'When it comes to Crimea, there's nothing much I have to say about it other than we will look at that just like I'm looking at many disasters that I've taken over'.

THE FACTS: Not true.

Trump: "They really stepped up their commitment ... stepped it up an additional 33 billion ... " That's a lot of money to some countries, but not to the US or other top economies.

"NATO was part of a Holy Trinity of institutions, together with the predecessors to the European Union and WTO, initiated by the United States between 1947 and 1949 to organize the non-communist world politically and economically", Benn Steil, senior fellow and director of worldwide economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, told Business Insider.

The second day of the defence pact meeting was disrupted and repeatedly rescheduled, as Trump's insistence on renegotiating his allies' defence budgets took precedence over issues such as Ukraine and Georgia's vulnerability to Russian Federation. "He didn't win Wisconsin, and we won Wisconsin".

"Trump did in Brussels what he has done elsewhere: He manufactured a crisis and then grandiosely claimed to have fixed it, leaving America's allies bruised and irritated", Paris said.

Associated Press writer Lorne Cook contributed to the report from Brussels.