Boston Red Sox thrash Yankees to open series: 3 sluggers who shined

Boston Red Sox thrash Yankees to open series: 3 sluggers who shined

The head coach took advantage of a rare night off in August on Sunday, accepting an invitation from Red Sox president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, to attend the truly epic finale of a four-game series between the Yankees and the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Boone can get Didi Gregorius and other everyday players the rest he has been trying to give them.

Sparked by a two-run shot by Pearce (the first of his three homers) in the third to cut the lead to 4-2, the veteran first baseman gave the team the lead with the three-run blast the next inning. He allowed three walks and J.D. Martinez's two-out, two-run, bases-loaded single over second baseman Gleyber Torres' leaping attempt, cutting New York's lead to 4-3. The Red Sox offense is on fire, and they have a veteran pitcher ready to lead them to a sweep. Martinez lined a first-pitch two-run single. We could pick up some much needed games and hopefully, Aaron Judge will be on the mend and J.A. Happ will back in the rotation. But no, Cashman decided it was a great time to poke the best team in baseball with his bravado, as the Yankees rolled into town with superstars like Shane Robinson and Luke Voit anchoring a squad completely confused about how to actually play baseball.

Boone insisted this is "a test", and that his team is united and tough-minded and will persevere and be made the better for it.

Boston rallied from a 0-3 series deficit in the 2004 ALCS en route to winning its first World Series since 1918. But just like then, there was a sense of finality.

Benintendi is emerging as the Red Sox' newest "Yankee Killer" after the win. If they do, they will win the American League East division for the third consecutive year and will be headed into the post-season as the favorite to win it all in October. The walk-off victor came when Andrew Benintendi shot a base hit up the middle just out of reach of another Yankees shift. The Red Sox are no longer the Rivals in 2018.

The Yanks took the field Sunday knowing Oakland and Seattle already had won. "NY will look to set the tone against the Red Sox, and more importantly, reverse their trend against inferior foes immediately after". Judge, who suffered a chip fracture of his right wrist bone, was expected to be back swinging a bat this weekend and in a "game situation" three weeks from the initial injury.

Should they win their Wild Card game come October, the Yankees will nearly undoubtedly have to face the Red Sox once again in the ALDS. And just in case it is not understood, after the second wild card is no playoffs. No second-place team in the majors now trails the first-place club by more than the Yanks do the Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox left-handed ace Chris Sale, on the disabled list because of shoulder inflammation, will not return for this week's series in Toronto. "Things look bad for the Yankees right now".