4 cases of West Nile virus in Minnesota — CDC

4 cases of West Nile virus in Minnesota — CDC

Several local health departments have issued warnings urging residents to stay safe, especially after deaths were confirmed in Iowa, Texas and North Carolina.

The two individuals were between 60 and 79 years old, officials said.

"We continue to have weather conditions that are favorable for the mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus", said Dr. Philip Armstrong, Medical Entomologist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment station, in a statement.

More than 100 people across the country have tested positive for the illness this year.

"The identification of two CT residents with West Nile virus associated illness that required hospitalization underscores the potential seriousness of infection", said DPH Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino in a statement.

House mosquito (Culex): This species is most known as the carrier of the West Nile Virus.

For more information about West Nile Virus, visit the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention website.

New Jersey health officials report that the state has seen its first case of West Nile virus in a human this year.

West Nile virus is a viral infection found in birds and carried by mosquitoes which feed upon infected birds. It's also recommending that residents reduce their time spent outside during dusk and dawn, wear long sleeves and long trousers.

People of any age can become sick from the virus but those aged 50 and above, or who have weak immune systems, have the highest risk, according to the World Health Organization.

Health departments have also encouraged residents to remove items from the outside of their home that contain water - such as buckets or pet dishes - because it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.