Wrong Tommy Fleetwood gets paid over US$150000 for Open Championship

Wrong Tommy Fleetwood gets paid over US$150000 for Open Championship

This being said, he might want to give the relevant PGA offices a ring to check if they've got his proper bank details ahead of the next tournament!

The weird situation came to light on the eve of the 100th PGA Championship, where 11th-ranked Fleetwood will try to win his first major title at Bellerive Country Club.

"It's just something I don't really look at but I'll get on top of that".

The accidental recipient of the $154,000 accounting error was with his friend Greg Thorner when he made the discovery, who shared the story with Twitter promptly after realizing what had happened.

Fleetwood returned the money and it went to the British Open finisher. Unfortunately, the check was instead sent to another Tom Fleetwood - an American golf teacher who had previously competed in Challenger Events in Europe, and thus already had his information on file with the PGA and European Tour.

Despite the mixup, Tommy Fleetwood wasn't mad and actually found the mistake amusing.

A spokesperson for the European Tour said: "This was a clerical error which we are resolving and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to both parties".

Fleetwood - the English one - said: "I didn't know anything about it".

It looks like Robin Hood has finally gone digital.

Imagine checking your bank account and seeing an extra thousand dollars or so mysteriously deposited overnight.

Looks pretty legit to me.

The more famous Tommy Fleetwood told The Telegraph he hadn't even noticed, which probably shouldn't be a surprise since he's earned more than $4 million in 2018 alone. It's a amusing story.

The European Tour issued an apology to the rightful Fleetwood and restored the payment of £119,971.