Senator Fraser Anning calls for new White Australia Policy

Senator Fraser Anning calls for new White Australia Policy

The Katter's Australian Party senator has been widely criticised after calling for immigration policies favouring "European Christian" values and banning Muslims.

One of the lone voices defending Senator Anning on Wednesday was his party leader, Bob Katter, who said the speech was "solid gold" and "absolutely magnificent".

VideoFraser Anning's speech in the Upper House called for a ban on Muslim's migrating to Australia and involved using the words "final solution" which has been historically associated with Nazi Germany.

Sen. Fraser Anning of the far-right Katter's Australian Party makes his maiden speech in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday. Claiming that Muslim Australians are unable to integrate, he said adherents of Islam "do not work and live on welfare", and bring the threat of terrorism.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was one of several politicians to criticise Anning's views, posting on Twitter: "Australia is the most successful multicultural society in the world build on a foundation of mutual respect".

But it was the phrase "Final Solution" that sparked massive outrage - a term referring to the official code name for the genocide of Jews during World War II.

"So we reject, we condemn racism in any form, and the remarks by Senator Anning are justly condemned and rejected by us all", Turnbull said.

"(Parliament) is united today in condemnation of those awful words that were spoken in the other place yesterday". At that time, ensuring the "final solution" (Endlosung) of the so-called "Jewish question" was the backbone of the Third Reich's actions on occupied lands.

"I could stand on Bondi Beach, serving sausage sangers in an Akubra, draped in an Australian flag with a southern cross tattoo and, for some, I still wouldn't be Australian enough", she wrote in the Junkee article.

Senator Fraser Anning has sought a drastic cut in the number of student visas in Australia, where India is the second largest source of worldwide students after China.

Senator Anning said he was exercising free speech.

Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten called the speech "a low point for our parliament", while independent senator Derryn Hinch said there "was hardly a group of Australians he did not offend unless you were very close to being a member of the Ku Klux Klan".

I'm a Muslim migrant, I'm about to be a Senator and there's not a damn thing Fraser Anning can do about it. "I just want to know when it's going to change for our future generation", she said.

He later told the Senate he deeply regretted shaking Mr Anning's hand after he gave the speech last night.

"I don't regret anything, Georgie". Even so, Hanson joined in the chorus of condemnation of Anning's speech.

"I call on Fraser Anning not only to apologise but also to go and visit a Holocaust museum and to hear first hand from the survivors how the pain is still raw", he told Sky News on Wednesday.

He descried the use of loaded terms, which Senator Anning says were taken out of context, as a "shocking insult" to Australian Jews and Holocaust survivors.