How to watch Florence LIVE stream as FIERCE storm arrives

How to watch Florence LIVE stream as FIERCE storm arrives

A woman and her baby were killed when a tree fell on their house and at least two other storm-related deaths were reported as Hurricane Florence slammed into the Carolinas, dousing the eastern USA states with torrential rain and causing rivers to burst their banks.

A mother and baby were killed when a tree fell on a house, according to a tweet from Wilmington police. The father was hospitalized with injuries.

Collapsed roofs and other structures were reported Friday morning in the Morehead City and New Bern areas of North Carolina.

"Very eerie, the wind howling, the rain blowing sideways, debris flying", said Orsa, who lives nearby and feared splintering trees would pummel her house.

A fourth person reportedly was killed while plugging in a generator in the state's Lenoir County, according to U.S. media.

Its surge could cover all but a sliver of the Carolina coast under as much as 11 feet (3.4 meters) of ocean water, and days of downpours could unload more than 3 feet (0.9 meters) of rain, touching off severe flooding. "The storm is wreaking havoc on our state". Then came the water.

"We're deeply concerned for whole communities which could be wiped away".

With South Carolina's beach towns now more in the bull's-eye because of the shifting forecast, OH vacationers Chris and Nicole Roland put off their departure from North Myrtle Beach to get the maximum amount of time on the sand. To this point, fallen trees have resulted in more Brunswick closures than flooded roads, and that could continue until the tropical storm winds disappear into the weekend. "You may need to move up to the second story, or to your attic, but WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU", the authorities in New Bern said on Twitter.

"In this situation, we've had a lot of people that have evacuated their homes and businesses ... and we have already seen that through the night", he said. Officials in New Bern Friday morning reported storm surge as high as 10 feet.

He said 20,000 people were being housed in 157 shelters across the state.

National Weather Service forecasters said the storm would roam along the coast for at least two more days before reaching Columbia, South Carolina, early Sunday.

"This is not the end of it", said Jeff Byard, associate administrator for response and recovery at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The hurricane centre said Florence will approach the coast Friday and linger for a while before rolling ashore.

The presenter starts by showing which regions of the States will be most affected by the storm surge, including Beaufort, Atlantic Beach and Morehead City, which are expected water rises of between 6 and 9 ft. The trend is "exceptionally bad news", said University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy, since it "smears a landfall out over hundreds of miles of coastline, most notably the storm surge".

"These slow and large systems are definitely our nemesis", Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, said.

After the storm makes landfall, it will slow down and begin to crawl to the west and southwest along the coast into SC on Saturday.

Well, you no longer have to wonder, as The Weather Channel has put together a forecast report using graphics that would not look out of place in your modern blockbuster movie, with visuals that will either amaze or terrify you, depending on which corner of the earth you now reside.