BMW's autonomous R1200GS on video

BMW's autonomous R1200GS on video

However, because of the C1's partially closed cockpit, watching it ride around the track without someone in the saddle wasn't as unsettling as watching BMW's latest contribution to the self-driving realm go.

"The aim of the prototype is to gather additional knowledge with regards driving dynamics in order to detect unsafe situations early on and thus support the driver with appropriate safety systems while turning at intersections or when braking suddenly, for example", it said in a statement. This isn't testing for full-fledged self-driving motorcycles. This riderless motorcycle allows them to play with data and sensors without the inconsistencies of a human rider, and also allows them to figure out how to effectively control the bike in cases where safety systems must protect the rider from imminent danger.

This BMW project is meant to help the company invent safety technology that will make motorcycling safer for riders of the future.

But what about self-riding bikes? The BMW motorcycle shown here is a testbed that BMW Motorrad has cooked up that can take off, navigate corners and curves, and stop all on its own. With the goal of maximum innovation and highest possible quality, BMW Motorrad and BMW Automobile have a close alliance in this field too, where this material has always been used in series production.

BMW unveils a new autonomous motorcycle that the company hopes can be used for emergency situations. Just as the world began to forget all about it, BMW Motorrad pulled this out of its hat. Here, too, BMW Motorrad benefits from close cooperation with BMW Automobiles. The electronic system will help to build the safe path detour obstacles, and gyroscopes will improve the stability of the motorcycle in extreme situations.