Tourists Flee In Terror As Cliff Collapses At Iconic Greek Beach

Tourists Flee In Terror As Cliff Collapses At Iconic Greek Beach

Lynette Bridges, 58, from Horndon-on-the Hill in Essex, said her tour boat had just pulled up to the popular Shipwreck Beach when an enormous sheet of stone crashed into the sea, capsizing boats and flooding the crowded beach.

Local media initially said that at least one person had been killed in the incident on the island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, but the authorities dismissed the report. At least seven people received minor injuries.

The brief video clips included below show the moment the rockfall began, with tons of rock breaking away from the cliff face and falling onto the crowded beach in Zante.

The other three people injured were treated and released. Authorities later said everyone who had arrived at the beach on tourist boats had been accounted for. The rock was so large, it caused a small tsunami, with large waves crashing onto the beach.

He described the aftermath as "chaos", with families and children running to get to safety on the boats. (Supplied) Small boats at the beach were capsized as a result of the fall sparking big waves.

Sniffer dogs have now been deployed by local authorities to search for anyone trapped by the landslide, although the local coastguard said that everyone who had visited the beach had been accounted for. The beach draws its nickname of "Shipwreck Beach" from another disaster when a freighter, the MV Panagiotis, that ran aground there in 1980.