CMU professor confirms Michigan's 6th largest meteorite found in Montcalm County

CMU professor confirms Michigan's 6th largest meteorite found in Montcalm County

A meteorite in MI worth $100,000 has been holding open a door at a MI farm for the past 30 years.

Neither man figured the meteorite was worth much money, so it sat there, sometimes holding a door open once in a while.

A 22-pound rock that has been propping open a door in Michigan for decades turns out to be a meteorite valued at $100,000, according to Central Michigan University.

You probably don't have many incredibly valuable artifacts laying around your house, but if you did you nearly certainly wouldn't be using them as doorstops, right?

"It's the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically", Sirbescu said in the release. He and his father dug it out the next morning and it was still warm.

A U.S. farmer and his son saw a shooting star come crashing onto their property one night in the 1930s.

The Grand Rapids man was apparently inspired to investigate after seeing news of meteorite hunters finding shards and selling them for thousands of dollars after a meteor sighting in January in the Detroit area. "I wonder how much mine is worth", he said.

Even though Dr. Sirbescu knew exactly what it was, it had to be sent to the Smithsonian Museum for verification, it wasn't until Thursday word came back it definitively is a meteorite, the 6th largest ever found in MI.

The man contacted Sirbescu, who identified the rock as a meteorite composed of about 88 percent iron and 12 percent nickel.

The meteorite hasn't sold yet, but the Smithsonian Museum is considering buying it, as well as another collector.

It's a story that began out of this world almost a hundred years ago when a meteorite crashed down to earth near Edmore, Michigan.

The Smithsonian Institution is considering purchasing the meteorite, Central Michigan University said.

The process has been an invaluable lesson for Sirbescu and her students. A museum in ME is also interested.

He also told the station that he plans to donate 10 percent of the sale price to Central Michigan University.

Then, "I said, wait a minute".