[Newsmaker] Typhoon to affect southern parts of Korea over weekend

[Newsmaker] Typhoon to affect southern parts of Korea over weekend

At 8:00am this morning, Kong-Rey was situated 600km east of Taiwan and moving north-northwest at 17 kilometers per hour. The whole country will see wet weather as the typhoon heads closer to the peninsula.

Another Super typhoon, Trami, passed through the same area one week ago and cooler waters it left in its wake are expected to affect Kong-Rey.

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the storm has reached its maximum intensity and is expected to gradually weaken over the next few days. NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared image that showed very cold cloud tops around the center of the typhoon, which indicated "very powerful storms with the potential to generate heavy rainfall".

This storm is not forecast to dump almost as much rain, but portions of southern Japan and South Korea could see upwards of 250 mm (6 inches) of rain as Kong-rey passes by - which could lead to flash flooding and the potential for landslides.

Trami was the eighth named storm to strike Japan in 2018, according to AccuWeather, setting Kong-Rey up to become the ninth storm. The latest report, issued at 10 p.m., said the storm had sustained winds of 185 kilometers per hour.

The forecast comes at a time when some regions in Japan are still reeling from another strong typhoon that traversed the archipelago on Sunday, leaving some areas without power.