Captain America no more? Chris Evans shares emotional goodbye to Avengers 4

Captain America no more? Chris Evans shares emotional goodbye to Avengers 4

Evans tweeted his appreciation to the cast, crew, and fans of the films, saying it has been an honor to play Captain America/Steve Rogers over the past eight years.

Altogether, Evans has been at the helm of three Captain America films, including sequels The Winter Soldier and Civil War, with roles in all four Avengers and cameo appearances in Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: The Dark World. Calling it an "honour", the actor wrapped up the shooting of Avengers 4 and in a tweet called it quits - confirming the speculation that was on for months. "It was an emotional day to say the least", the star said on Twitter.

Chris Evans is Captain America no more. Thank you for the memories! With the pending Disney/Fox merger in 2019 and future plans for Deadpool and the X-Men in flux, we may never see Evans' Captain America and Reynolds' Deadpool share the screen together, but perhaps we can still see these two beloved actors unite for an upcoming project.

Reynolds responded to Evans' viral tweet hinting at his Captain America departure. "I'm weeping. There's a difference".

Back in April, the actor appeared on the set of Good Morning America and revealed that his contract was up after Avengers 4.

Today, though, Evans announced he's done filming Avengers 4-and made it sound very definitive that it was the last time he'd hoist the shield.

Fans across the Twitterverse were distraught at Evans's "farewell" announcement.