Did You REALLY Pay Attention To Last Night's WWE Raw?

Did You REALLY Pay Attention To Last Night's WWE Raw?

With her match against Alexa Bliss at the first-ever all-Women's pay-per-view WWE Evolution just three weeks away, Trish Stratus will return to Raw tonight!

Following WWE's successful debut Greatest Royal Rumble show in Saudi Arabia last April, the company are set for a second show in November due to the lucrative deal they have signed with the government of Saudi Arabia.

In the same night, we witnessed Lita return to the side of Trish Stratus to set an incredible 2006 tag team match (featuring Alexa Bliss), Bobby Lashley lose his mind and essentially double turn with Kevin Owens, and Dean Ambrose finally walk out on his Shield brethren. Michaels said on Raw. The Undertaker & Kane: Heavy involvement from Michaels helped Triple H dispatch Taker at Super Show-Down in Australia.

Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman vs.

WWE World Cup: We are still awaiting information about how this will be formatted, but it appears to be a bracket-style, single-elimination tournament akin to the old King of the Ring that will take place entirely on the show.

But he now seems to have forced himself back to the red brand and will compete at the World Cup Tournament against Cena, two more RAW superstars and four Smackdown representatives.

Corbin looked confused on the outside of the ring, and that's when the Conquistador revealed that he was actually Kurt Angle.

The following matches are rumored and not confirmed at this time.