Wife of Israeli prime minister goes on trial for fraud

Wife of Israeli prime minister goes on trial for fraud

Sara Netanyahu's accusations are not recognized. In them she complains about the quality of the food served at the prime minister's residence and uses expletives to describe the staff.

The Netanyahus have denied any wrongdoing, and accused Israel's public broadcaster of airing "fake news" and "a campaign of character assassination". In 2016, a Jerusalem labour court ruled that she had insulted and raged at household staff in the prime minister's official residence.

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has risen before a court Sunday, October 7, on charges of abuse.

"Israel will continue taking steps in order not to allow Iran to create military bases in Syria and prevent Iran from handing over lethal arms to the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon", Netanyahu said.

Benjamin Netanyahu is being investigated on suspicion of corruption in several different cases. Prosecutors requested for the case to be tried by a panel of three judges, rather than just one per typical trials.

She was charged in June with fraud and breach of trust and of aggravated fraudulent receipt of goods.

But the case has again turned the spotlight on the Netanyahu family and past allegations of misbehavior.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to ease tensions with Russia since the incident in which Syria downed a Russian spy plane during an attempt to retaliate against Israeli aircraft.

Netanyahu announced the meeting, which will be the fourth between the two leaders this year, at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu was last questioned on August 17 in "Case 4000", a corruption case involving Israel's telecom giant Bezeq.

In one of them he allegedly tried to secure a secret deal with the publisher of Israel's top-selling newspaper Yediot Aharonot to ensure positive coverage in return for pushing forward a law that would have limited the circulation of a rival. The residence's former deputy director was also indicted in the case.

There is also an ongoing inquiry into his ties with local telecoms giant Bezeq and its largest shareholder, Shaul Elovitch, according to Israeli media.