Google's new Discover feed starts rolling out to mobile web

Google's new Discover feed starts rolling out to mobile web

It will also be interesting to see what kind of traffic bump, if any, news sites get as a result of having yet another information feed placed in front of viewers' eyeballs. Now, it's rolling out to mobile devices in the United States on both Android and iOS. The feature, which we first saw past year, delivers a mix of news stories, YouTube videos, sports scores, and other content Google has determined you're most likely to be interested in at that moment. "The Google homepage is notoriously simple and stark with only a search bar against a white background".

Google announced the new feed as part of its 20th anniversary revamp of search on mobile, which replaces today's clean blank page with a search box with many more suggestions, in line with the Google app for iOS and Android. As in, you'll still see recent searches and activity in card form, but the cards themselves have been given a fresh coat of paint with headers above each topic so you can easily keep track of what you're reading.

Don't want Google Discover? Google's mobile Chrome browser already shows a similar spread of articles and information whenever you open a new tab.

The cards include a cover image, article title, summary, website name and publication date. As you scroll through the page, you'll find other cards on topics you've recently searched for or accessed on the web.

Every picture in the mobile web version of Google Images now features a Google Lens icon underneath. Here, you can follow any topics that interest you and hide any that don't strike your fancy. Could we eventually see paid or promoted cards in the Discover feed? In fact, you can also block a website you don't like so that you won't be shown content from it. So you may see posts about sports, YouTube videos or articles from various sites.

The feed also marks more of a philosophical shift for Google. Google's software will also estimate your level of expertise in a particular topic and show you appropriate content based on that.