Samsung Announces New 0.8μm ISOCELL Image Sensors; Supports Up To 48MP

Samsung Announces New 0.8μm ISOCELL Image Sensors; Supports Up To 48MP

Recent leaks suggest that Samsung will be launching three redesigned Galaxy S10 models early next year.

Samsung plans to go ahead and put the fingerprint scanner on the display and remove the iris scanner completely. According to the tweets, the Galaxy S10 might completely drop the iris scanner Samsung introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, while the iris scanner might be going, it's possible that facial recognition will remain, giving you at least one alternative to the fingerprint scanner.

As we inch near to the release of Samsung's foldable display smartphone, few more details about the device have come up. Additionally, he continues to confirm that the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 will be the only biometric feature on the phone. And the official launch of new products in sales is not expected until the second quarter of 2019. The Q3 operating profit was the lowest after 2.07 trillion won (US$1.81 billion) recorded in the first quarter of past year when the battery explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 led to the discontinuation of the model.

Of course, we will still have to wait for some kind of confirmation from Samsung, as for now all we have are just the rumors.

We'll find out more during the Samsung Developer Conference next week, we expect. And for good reason: with the Galaxy S9, the aficionados of the firm, which has dragged to court an ambassador for having publicly used an iPhone X had been rather disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy F will be Samsung's first smartphone equipped with Infinity-V screen, this is considered the successor screen from the screen design infinity. Carl likes to socialize, so you will hear more from him, as he has been appointed to keep the Tech News Watch social media feeds up-to-date. However, it sounds like the new sensors from Samsung will be able to provide both resolution and quality in low-light situations, much like the triple-camera on the Huawei P20 Pro.