WhatsApp ads coming to the 'Status' section, exec confirms the inevitable

WhatsApp ads coming to the 'Status' section, exec confirms the inevitable

"It will be the main mode of monetization for the company, as well as the opportunity for business to attract people to your WhatsApp", - said Vice-President of WhatsApp Chris Daniels.

The ads will be in addition to the WhatsApp Business API which was launched by the company in August.

Facebook says that 450 million of WhatsApp's user base are now using the Status page.

As Brian Acton said, Facebook wanted to introduce targeted ads in the "status" bar of WhatsApp, so Acton admitted he felt that the ads would break a social pact WhatsApp "signed" with its users.

WhatsApp will soon come out with advertisements on its status showing page.

Facebook's native advertising system would power the advertisements to WhatsApp and this would help users to understand and participate in businesses through the messaging app. Although, he didn't mention an actual timeline of when the ads will appear or whether WhatsApp has plans for additional revenue streams. Fast forward to the Facebook takeover, Zuckerberg has been exploring ways to monetize the app. At the time, WhatsApp also said it would remain ad-free. Vice President Whatsapp Chris Daniels has confirmed that ads will be coming to the popular messaging app.

We would like to remind you that, WhatsApp has never used advertisements on its app.

The monetization of WhatsApp contradicts the intentions of the app's founders who, in 2014, sold the WhatsApp concept to Facebook. "With our full set of features in place for both people and businesses, we believe WhatsApp will continue to contribute to economic growth here in India". By default, Status updates are visible to a user's contacts for 24 hours before they disappear. These included selling analytics, charging a fee after a certain amount of messages or status ads. This is the section that takes more than a few inspirations from Instagram Stories and lets you share text, photos, videos, and GIFs.