Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue In Movies

Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue In Movies

Tonight, viewers said goodbye to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in a landmark episode of The Walking Dead. The former Deputy Sheriff, who has been the heart and soul of this series over the past eight-and-a-half seasons is departing, and AMC have made sure to cash in on that fact.

Having leaned into the promotional benefits of Andrew Lincoln's departure, "The Walking Dead" couldn't exactly give him a low-key going-away party. For the longest time, it looks like Rick is done for.

We then flashed forward a few years to see a Rick's now preteen daughter Judith Grimes saving a totally different day.

The 45-year-old actor will continue playing the beloved character for three feature-length movies that will air on AMC. I am so ready for everything you will be doing in and out of The Walking Dead Universe. Now we know that while Rick is gone, he's not forgotten. Because you're getting one, lead by none other than Rick Grimes himself.

The move comes after Rick was badly wounded in last week's "Walking Dead" episode, with this week's episode meant to serve as his swan song on that series. Gimple is now writing the first of the three untitled movies, with production set to begin in 2019.

As part of Gimple's multi-year plan for The Walking Dead Universe, there are other projects now in development, including additional films, specials, series, digital content and more. And I like the idea that we get to tell a bigger story, maybe with a sort of wider vista.

"We believe this is a world and narrative with many possibilities and opportunities for character development and we're excited to expand the series into a franchise that can live across multiple formats", said David Madden, president of original programming for AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios. "I want to know why we keep seeing helicopters flying around".

"I thought the idea of a character that the audience knows and has lived with - and who has oscillated between psycho and father for nine years - to start in a completely different place, was a really interesting, insane place to begin", he explained.