Texas Candidate Dan Crenshaw Chides "SNL’s" Pete Davidson Over Eyepatch Joke

Texas Candidate Dan Crenshaw Chides

He added, however, that he isn't looking for a "hollow" apology. Davidson was brought on to give his "first impressions" of Senate and House of Representative candidates in the upcoming election.

"This guy is kinda cool, Dan Crenshaw".

This weekend, Davidson was once again faced with huge backlash after joking about GOP congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw's appearance.

"I'm sorry - I know he lost his eye in war or whatever", he chuckled.

During a bit on Republicans running for Congress, Davidson joked that Dan Crenshaw looks like he belongs in a porno. After losing his left eye, he went on to complete two more deployments. He recovered and ultimately deployed twice more.

"The first part of that skit was just odd ... It was just mean-spirited and that's how I feel about it".

"They probably should apologize, but I'm not going to demand an apology".

"I wanted to get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks", Crenshaw said in the clip.

"I think he's exposed himself". He said the "real atrocity" was Davidson's attempt at a joke, which he called "not funny" and "mean-spirited".

'I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world, ' he added.

"Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended".

He went through Rick Scott and Peter King before arriving at Dan Crenshaw.

"It's actually a miracle that I can see at all and continue serving the American people", he said. "This is really bad and incredibly tone-deaf and offensive to veterans, their families and all who serve. They are feeling the heat from around the country right now, and that's fine".

Crenshaw's opponent also seemed to condemn the sketch. "Why can't we just be amusing again? We're setting a risky precedent where there are no laws enforced in our country". They can do whatever they want. Maybe Crenshaw will win!

"I like people who weren't captured, ' added Trump, who received five deferments during the Vietnam War, including one for 'bone spurs".