China doesn't reveal if it offered loans to Pakistan

China doesn't reveal if it offered loans to Pakistan

A Pakistani TV channel has apologised after broadcasting a speech by PM Imran Khan in China with a caption displaying the word "begging" instead of Beijing.

The faux pas is particularly scathing since Khan is looking to secure support from China to overcome massive economic hurdles in the country.

"Pakistan is China's all-weather partners".

"We had told you about the $12 billion financing gap, of which $6 billion have come from Saudi Arabia, and the rest has come from China". We enjoy a very good relationship.

Pakistan's current account deficit widened 43% to $18 billion in the fiscal year that ended in June, while the fiscal deficit has ballooned to 6.6% of gross domestic product.

"We have been offering our assistance to Pakistan within the best of our capacity".

An information ministry spokesman said the misspelling had nothing to do with Mohammadi's removal, saying it was a "routine affair".

On Tuesday, sources had said the Pakistani consul general in Houston paid Dr Siddiqui a visit on October 9 during which she made the request to convey her message to the prime minister. "In the future, in the light of Pakistan's need and as per our mutual agreement, we will continue to offer help economically and for betterment of people's livelihoods", she said.

Pakistan has recently approached the International Monetary Fund for a bailout package and wants to minimise its loans with the international lender apprehending stringent financial conditions which included scrutiny of the confidential details of the CPEC.

In her letter to the prime minister, she said that Imran Khan had supported her in the past and appealed the premier for help to get her release from the jail.

A government statement following Wells' visit said US-Pakistan bilateral agenda including the upcoming Geneva Conference and the Afghan peace process were discussed.

She was also accused of working for Al Qaeda.