Justice Department to monitor elections in Malden, Lowell

Justice Department to monitor elections in Malden, Lowell

The calls to vote and story after story about low voter turnout aren't new, but when compared with voter turnout numbers in other places around the world, the percentage of potential voters who actually cast a ballot in the US may surprise you. He says one precinct in Anoka County had problems starting up e-poll books, but quickly switched to a paper roster for signing in voters.

- Election Day isn't a national holiday in the United States, but some say it should be.

First, make sure you're at the correct polling location. But, if you're in line at 8 p.m. and haven't voted, you can still mark your ballot. Those are printed later and have additional names on them. You must be 18, a citizen, an IL resident for 30 days, and not be registered to vote in another state.

Amid the busy final day of absentee voting on Monday, Sumter County's top elections official offered pointers for voters to avoid lengthy lines at precincts in today's General Midterm Election. Once you are verified, your ballot will be counted.

5 that more than 547,000 absentee ballots have already been returned for the November 6 General Election.

Again, don't leave without asking to vote provisionally.

Walk-up voters reported having to fill out provisional ballots at some locations. "The Division is also continuing its outreach to jurisdictions that are required to provide bilingual election materials and assistance at the polls, pursuant to the Voting Rights Act".

In certain communities, help is also available in Bengali, Gujarati, Russian, Armenian, Punjabi, Urdu and Farsi. "It's a safe assumption that many of those polling places now have the personal electronic ballots". Sunday was the last possible day for in-person absentee voting at the clerk's office or other satellite voting locations.

In Cape Elizabeth, a line of voters stretched from the high school gym through the hallways and out into the parking lot by 6:30 am., 30 minutes before the polls opened. Presently, 95 percent of the county's polls are accessible and have wheelchair-accessible booths.

Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman says those polling places will be staffed by election volunteers. It also includes a polling place by state list. This was more than triple the early votes in May. How do you figure out that voter's propensity at the ballot box?

The 2018 midterm elections have seen record turnout for early voting, as pre-election surveys show that 36 million people voted early this year, Politico reports. But we do know that you may have some lingering questions or fears about showing up to the polls.

It's too late to register to vote in this election.