Pep Guardiola insists Manchester City's success is not exclusively down to money

Pep Guardiola insists Manchester City's success is not exclusively down to money

He went on to accuse City - and Paris Saint-Germain - of cheating.

He added: "I'm part of the club, I support the club".

"It's an incredibly professional club, they try to do the good things in the right way".

A report by German newspaper Der Spiegel via hacked documents from Football Leaks claim City's Abu Dhabi owner Sheikh Mansour paid chunks of alleged inflated deals with club sponsors to comply with UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations.

"The Football Leaks documents [in der Spiegel] appear to confirm what we have been saying for years". But my point of view is completely different - we work a lot.

Jose Mourinho said he would keep his thoughts to himself regarding allegations levelled at Manchester City over alleged Financial Fair Play breaches. The attempt to damage the club's reputation is organised and clear'.

"What I can say personally is of course I trust a lot with the club and what they have done".

La Liga boss Javier Tebas has frequently accused City of being one of those clubs guilty of "financial doping" and in its latest article, Der Spiegel wrote that the reigning English Premier League champions, one of the richest clubs in the world, had "walked all over the FFP rules", a claim that is bound to provoke considerable concern among City's European and domestic rivals.

"I'm completely honest, I don't know what happen because I'm a manager".

Ahead of Manchester City's Champions League tie against Shakhtar Donetsk tomorrow, Pep Guardiola was asked about the allegations that the club falsified their books to allow extra investment from the owner. "We want to do what we have to do in terms of the rules".

After £1.1bn, revealed by an internal document seen by Der Spiegel, was spent in the first four years of the Abu Dhabi regime, City were caught out by FFP at the first time of asking.

The Catalan coach has delivered a combination of thrilling football and results as City romped to the title with a record 100 Premier League points last season.

David Frommer, spokesman for the European Club Association, said the organisation had "full trust in UEFA's organs of control in holding clubs to account".

CIty have said they will not comment on the claims. The sale of marketing rights in this particular instances is said to have brought in €30m, boosting revenues to further help FFP compliance. One memo from chief executive Ferran Soriano is said to have read, "We will need to fight this and do it in a way that is not visible, or we will be pointed out as the global enemies of football".