Facebook Messenger Is Getting An 'Unsend Message' Feature

Facebook Messenger Is Getting An 'Unsend Message' Feature

Facebook Messenger will soon roll out an unsend feature, which will give users a grand total of ten minutes to unsend a message, wiping it from your chat history.

If your recipient is looking at their phone when you message them, or if they open the app before you can undo your action, there's not much you can do to take back your words. The company had been silently deleting messages, which were shared through Messenger by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, amidst data breach.

In the latest Messenger app update, Facebook revealed plans for the "unsend" feature. Users will have a 10-minute window to delete messages from a thread after tapping the "send" button.

While 10 minutes is certainly better than nothing, Verge points out that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp allows up to an hour to take back messages.The deletion feature was first spotted in mid-October. Facebook's unsend for both its messaging apps will actually deliver the message when you hit send. In my experience, you know pretty quickly whether you've sent a message to the wrong person (or the wrong message to the right person) most of the time. Maybe you sent a picture to someone you didn't want to.

At the time of the discovery, when editing messages already sent in a conversation, the "Unsend Message" option will appear.