Niantic Celebrates Ingress Prime Launch by Adding Free Items to Pokémon Go

Niantic Celebrates Ingress Prime Launch by Adding Free Items to Pokémon Go

Niantic has overhauled its Ingress game as Ingress Prime with much more advanced AR tools compared to the previous one.

Earlier today, Niantic sent out a press release announcing the release of Ingress Prime, a sequel to their popular Ingress mobile game. The development and overhauling of this app has been first discussed a year ago, and now it is now in the real world.

Ingress Prime is now out on Android and iOS and it serves as a new "season" of Ingress, so to speak. Additionally, players will be gifted free in-game avatar items in support of Ingress Prime.

The big relaunch streamlines Ingress' opening stages, reboots its story, offers more information about its fictional world and characters, and is accompanied by a series of in-universe videos to get you hooked on the game's lore. It only means that all of your progress is safe.

In Ingress Prime players (dubbed agents) are tasked with visiting virtual portals situated around real-world landmarks in order to collect "Exotic Matter". Each group will secure the control of an energy that flows freely from portals dotting throughout the globe.

Players who choose to prestige back from level 16 to level one will gain unspecified "unique benefits", and will also have their prestiged status reflected to other players.

Put away any expectation of 3D objects superimposed on the real world. There is also a live-action series, The Dunraven Project (replaces the Ingress Report) that will expand the narrative. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to be always updated.

Although Ingress doesn't have quite the same player base as Pokemon Go, the game has enjoyed a loyal following for years. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you.