These Are the Victims in the Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting

These Are the Victims in the Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting

A sheriff said 13 people were killed, including a sheriff's sergeant and the gunman, after a shooting inside a crowded Southern California bar late Wednesday.

Long was in the Marines from 2008 to 2013, rose to the rank of corporal and served in Afghanistan in 2010-11, the military said.

When deputies arrived at the scene three minutes after the first 911 call, shots were still being fired, Dean said. It's unclear whether he took his own life or if the attack was terror-related.

Dean said investigators had not found any type of assault rifle within the bar. The sheriff said a mental health crisis team was called at the time and concluded Long did not need to be taken into custody. He died at a hospital after being shot numerous times. The others killed have not been identified.

About ten other victims were wounded.

"I don't know how, I don't know how", he said, before breaking into tears as he held onto his father-in-law.

"This is a very close-knit community", Kuredjian said, adding that Thousand Oaks - north and west of Los Angeles - is a "pro-law-enforcement community" as well.

It was the third mass shooting in the United States in under two weeks, six days after the death of two women at a yoga class in Tallahassee, Florida and 12 days after a gunman killed 11 worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, shouting "All Jews must die".

Holden Harrah, a young man who saw the incident, cried as he told CNN that a place where he goes every week to have fun with friends had been a scene of carnage.

"Within a split second, everybody yelled 'get down, ' " she said.

Helus was immediately hit with multiple gunshots, Dean said.

Erika Sigman, 19, was another witness.

Freshman Mahala Bayless said the community is coming together in the wake of the tragedy.

He described them both as heroes who had "paid the ultimate price".

The family man referred to his son as "my boy" in dozens of posts and spoke of how proud he was of Jordan. Hours into the tragedy no one had been reunified with a loved one.

Coffman sobbed while recalling his relationship with his son to reporters Thursday. He said he had an army of friends and families on alert, making calls, and watching the news looking out for his son.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was found dead inside the bar, Dean said.

Dean labeled Helus, who was set to retire next year, a "hero"; Helus was shot several times and died at an area hospital early Thursday morning. "He went in to save other people".

Dean said he has no doubt Helus and a California Highway Patrol officer who also was the first to respond "saved lives by going in there and engaging with the suspect".

He said he has no doubt Helus' tactics at the scene "were sound when he went in".

The gunman threw smoke bombs when he entered, perhaps to cause confusion, CBS L.A. reported.