Xiaomi Challenges Apple with $30-Dollar AirPods

Xiaomi Challenges Apple with $30-Dollar AirPods

But considering the fact that some other much expensive earbuds like the Oppo's O-Free wireless earbuds which sells for $100 (699 Yuan), the audio quality offering from this device is quite the cool one even though Apple still leads in this aspect of quality. They have been dubbed the "AirDots", which, I don't really need to tell you, sounds dangerously close to a certain Apple product. With the new Mi AirDots, Xiaomi has introduced its first true-wireless earphones which feature all the run-of-the-mill features we've come to expect from such accessories. They are called the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition, are completely wireless, and include a charging case.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has come up with a brand new pair of earbuds.

It's unclear whether the AirDots will be available in worldwide markets, but Chinese fans of Xiaomi will be able to preorder theirs on November 11th. The Mi AirDots Youth Edition ships with 7.2 mm audio drivers, which is capable of producing not only deep bass but also premium stereo audio. It's priced at just CNY 199 (~Rs 2,100) in China and will go on sale starting November 11 through Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong, and Suning.

Xiaomi has launched Mi AirDots Youth Edition with Bluetooth 5 support. They can be recharged three times with the built-in battery in the case, and that's where the "up to 12 hours listening" blurb during travels comes from. Connectivity is updated to Bluetooth 5.0, which is backward compatible with earlier versions such as 4.2 and takes full advantage of the connectivity improvements offered by this standard. The AirDots Youth Edition can provide a continuous music playback of up to four hours.

With just a finger touch in the touch zone, the users will be able to play or pause music, accept or reject call, enable or disable the voice assistant, and also mute an ongoing call.