United States plans to restrict China's student 'spies'

United States plans to restrict China's student 'spies'

The two-day annual gathering will be a major test for the Group of 20 industrialized nations, whose leaders first met in 2008 to help rescue the global economy from the worst financial crisis in seven decades, but which now faces questions over its relevance to deal with the latest round of crises.

At this years summit, the group will discuss reforms that need to be made to world trade and issues such as climate change, the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents, and Russia's actions in Ukraine.

After world leaders convene the morning of Friday Nov. 30 in Argentina, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet for dinner and trade talks on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Following hopes that a deal would be made between the two countries, United States stocks closed higher on Friday.

"I'm not here to critique or second-guess the Chinese economy, but most observers believe China to be in a slump, whereas the United States is in a very strong, solid position going into this summit".

The US has been pushing China hard on intellectual property theft, and World Trade Organisation rules that still give China developing nation status. "I think I understood you better in your language than I did on this, but that's OK", Trump told Macri and then dropped his earpiece on the floor.

"I have another 250 billion dollars' worth of tariffs to put on if we don't make a deal", Trump told reporters last week.

In such a scenario, China has threatened to retaliate in kind, placing levies on all goods imported from the US.

How are leaders greeting the Saudi Crown Prince?

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that he would raise the issue of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi when he meets Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom the Central Intelligence Agency reportedly concluded had ordered the killing.

Saudi Arabia has insisted the prince had no prior knowledge of the killing.

Both sides discussed how to further cooperate in areas such as the promotion of trade and investment, agri-food exports, and educational exchanges, said the PMO.

For example, a draft says 19 of the participants agree on the importance of upholding the Paris climate accord, but the U.S. doesn't.

Her temporary absence could complicate French President Emmanuel Macron's attempts to build a European front against Trump at the G20.

In a video posted by the Saudi Gazette newspaper the two leaders can be seen speaking in hushed tones with their heads close together.

What can Crown Prince Mohammed expect?

"That's all I said".

At the end Mr Macron can be heard saying: "I am a man of my word".

With Buenos Aires on security lockdown, Trump along with the Russian and Chinese presidents were among the world leaders gathered against a backdrop of tensions surrounding also the Ukraine conflict and relations with Saudi Arabia. "We keep focused on the things that matter in our relationships".

It also now looks as though Mr Putin will meet with President Donald Trump, despite Mr Trump appearing to cancel those plans in a series of tweets 24 hours ago.

However, Russia has suggested United States domestic politics may have been the real reason behind the cancellation.

And the deal: "which we think is unlikely in the near term, would involve complete rollback of the current tariffs".

Mrs Merkel's own arrival at the summit has been delayed by a technical fault in her plane. Putin reportedly pulled out a pen and paper to sketch the skirmish in the meeting, Bloomberg reported.