Grisly twist after woman vanishes from holiday Airbnb

Grisly twist after woman vanishes from holiday Airbnb

Police say they are still waiting for tests to come back to be 100 percent certain.

A local security guard was arrested and taken into custody in connection with her disappearance, officials said.

Carla Stefaniak has been reported missing after she failed to return home from her vacation in Costa Rica.

"When it turned out that the story he originally told us was different and not compatible with the evidence we'd found", said Walter Espinoza, head of the country's Judicial Investigation Department.

One of the security guards working at the property has been detained as a suspect, Espinoza said.

An autopsy revealed Stefaniak had died of stab wounds to the neck and extremities, in addition to a strong blow to the head.

Officials said Monday that dogs discovered a body in the backyard of the villa Stefaniak rented from AirBnB during her trip with her sister-in-law to celebrate Stefaniak's 36th birthday.

Burton, however, left November 27, a day before Stefaniak was scheduled to leave. He lived in the same Airbnb where Stefaniak was staying. Before the call dropped she said to him, 'I'm thirsty.

She then took an Uber back to her Airbnb. So Stefaniak dropped off the rental auto and Antonieta at the airport, then ordered an Uber to take her to her AirBnB where she planned to stay until her flight the next day. Her father caught a flight from Tampa International Airport on Monday. "They are now (fully) numb, and the family wants answers", family friend Bruga Demirel said Tuesday.

Both Caicedo and his wife, who had been traveling with Stefaniak, are skeptical she would leave that early because her flight wasn't scheduled until more than eight hours later.

"It's raining hard, power went off". She continued with, "it's pretty sketchy here", according to Burton. The last time she posted to social media accounts was the previous night. He said he suspected foul play from the start. He also said that the owner and guards seemed "genuine". "There was something fishy about that story to begin with", he said. The body has not been identified as Stefaniak, however.

Stefaniak's co-workers said she was an excellent employee who could get along with anyone.

"[She said, ] 'I'm just going to ask the guards to buy me a bottle of water, '" Burton told FOX 13 News last week.

Stefaniak has been missing for more than a week after traveling to Costa Rica.

An attorney for the vacation rental facility from which Stefaniak disappeared released a statement to WFTS, saying the owners are also cooperating with the investigation and have temporarily closed the facility. We strive to keep you up to date about everything that's been happening in Costa Rica. "We have received over 1,000 guests with wonderful reviews about the property and our service", Federico Jenkins said.

We are deeply saddened and devastated by the tragic events.

According to authorities, investigators raided his apartment, Apt. "It's very important for the country and it's very important for the victim's family and for our society in general".